Quite an endeavor (and slow moving)

  I’m having a problem in my Ebbs* novel.  I am near the end and I know what the very end will be, but there’s a bit in between which I could do a few different ways and I’m trying to figure out which way is best.  I’m thinking about writing out a couple different versions and deciding which one I like best.

  I feel like I’ve taken on quite an endeavor, a great adventure, and it’s one that I’ve chosen and I like, but I have doubts about whether I can pull it off.  I guess it comes down to fear of failure.  I’d like to make a living by writing (and writing want I want to write), but I don’t think I can do it, at least not at the rate I’m going now.  It’s taking me (what seems to me like) quite a long time to get this OFD* novel ready to show agents and publishers.  The main reason it’s taking so long is that I don’t find much time to work on it while working nearly full-time at Dairy Queen.

  Another major hold up is that there’s things about it which I’m really not sure I did very well and I feel like I need someone else’s opinion on (someone who knows about writing).  Getting people to critique your work is a great thing and not easy to find.  Fortunately, I’ve been introduced to a writer’s group in which we do just that- critique each other’s work.  The first apparent catch to this is that I have to critique other’s people’s work as well.  That’s no problem for me, and it’s often fun and I learn stuff from it.  The other catch (which is much more of a drawback imo) is that I can only bring in one chapter (or up to a maximum of 15 pages) at a time, so it takes a long time to get through the 19 chapters of my novel.

(*I have code names for my novels which I use mainly in notes to myself and now here as well.  Ebbs is the novel begun in July 2010 based on a couple interesting dreams and doesn’t yet have an actual title.  OFD is Out From the Darkness, the other novel I’ve been doing a lot of work on.  OFD is the first novel which I finished a second draft of.)


About David A Justiss

a fantasy novelist.
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