Out From the Darkness (rerun post from Facebook)

(originally posted  July 17 2009)
Back several weeks ago, someone at my church mentioned while giving the announcements that she found out that her daughter’s name (D’arcy) means “from the darkness.” That was the first of several things which inspired the subject of my novel for this month. (I’m doing this challenge with some friends to write a novel in one month. It’s pretty fun.)

About two or three weeks ago, God was speaking to me about darkness and light. Specifically about a certain meaning of the word darkness as in John 1:5 where it says “The light shines in the darkness and the darkness has not overcome it.”
I’ve seen a lot of translations (maybe the majority) which say “the darkness has not understood it.” It seems to me that the two words give the verse two completely different meanings. Previously, I preferred the verse translated with the word ‘overcome’ but God was saying something about “the darkness has not understood it.”

We don’t understand God, and compared to His light, we’re all pretty dark. We have to trust God because we don’t understand much of what He does. If we could see God, we would not need faith. Looking at it this way, the darkness is a temporary place of testing and faith. And, when I thought about this, I also thought ‘what fun would it be if there were no mystery to God?’
Another one of my favorite Bible verses is where it says “Now we see through a mirror dimly, but then we will see not through a glass, but face to face.” and near that it says “we will know as we are known.”

We can’t see beyond the next step of where we are going and we don’t know why he is leading us there. That’s like walking through darkness.
He just might be leading us into the valley of the shadow of death. That was another verse I was thinking about. For two reasons, one because in light of a line from a song I know which says “Where there is a shadow, there’s a light.” We know that God is with us because we are in the valley of the shadow. Looking at it this way, again, the valley of the shadow of death is a difficult place of trial but not really an evil place. Or maybe it is an evil place which God is using for good. In Genesis, Joseph says to his brothers “What you meant for evil, God meant for good.”
Also, I was thinking if we are in a shadow then there is something between us and the light. If death is the thing between us and the light, then The Valley of the Shadow of Death decribes all of our life here on earth.

I mentioned before that I was doing a novel-in-a-month challenge. So I’m writing a story about someone named D’arcy who visits a dark fairyland that you get to through a mirror. There is / will be several aspects of the novel inspired by this darkness and light stuff. The story is actually pretty creepy at some points..


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