Valentine’s Day post

Today I saw the following status update on facebook:

To celebrate Valentines Day, change your profile picture to you and your spouse/significant other. Re-post, and tell how long you’ve been together.

This is my answer:

The writer at work.

I wrote my first story when I was 7.  It was called “The Bear and the Bees” and it was one paragraph long.  I started my first novel when I was about 13.  I didn’t finish that one.  I started the first novel that I finished when I was 15. I finished it when I was 18.  Out From the Darkness is the first of my novels which I’ve finished a second draft of (a complete rewrite).  I wrote the first draft for a novel-in-a-month challenge in July 2009, and I finished the second draft in fall (I think it was November) 2010.

In total I have written five complete novels, and am almost finished with the first draft of a sixth.  I have written a couple dozen short stories, many poems, and one novella.

Many happy memories, now to get something published. 

PS: The cup beside me in the picture contains English breakfast tea.  I don’t drink coffee. 

The picture was taken with a cellphone (hence the poor quality) a few years ago when the organizer of the novel-in-a-month challenge I participate in suggested we post pictures of ourselves at work on our stories.


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