Out From the Darkness part 2 (rerun from Facebook)

Here’s the other rerun of a Facebook note I said I was going to post.  It was originally posted on August 1 2009:

I mentioned earlier that I was doing a challenge to write a 50,000 word novel in a month. The time ran out at midnight July 31. I reached 50,000 words three days early, but I didn’t actually finish the story until 11:58 tonight. (It is now 12:51 as I write this.) BTW, for the goal, it’s only required to hit 50,000 words, not to actually finish the story.

What does that have to with ‘out from the darkness’? Well, I also mentioned before that my novel was getting a lot of influence from the things God has been talking to me about darkness and light. On June 30th, I was at a camp in New Brawnfels, TX with a bunch of friends. On that day in the morning, I was in a certain room with certain attributes which caught my attention. Here is what I wrote then:

Room For Searching

The Light shines in the darkness
and the darkness has not understood it
the light seems to flicker..

..a flickering light
a trap door
an opening in the wall
peeling paint
a shadow on the blinds
an unplugged lamp
room for searching
now we see through a mirror dimly
but it won’t always be that way

who are we to question God?
but a trust that questions can still be trust
because God has given us room for searching

Darkness can be a symbol for anything we don’t know or can’t see. In my story, there was a certain room which was very similar (but more creepy) to the room described in the poem above. The opening in the wall was a wall safe and there was a trap door in the ceiling in both the room at the camp and the room in my story. There was a lot of things in the room which kindof symbolized a mystery to me. Something that’s there but obscured.

I was talking before about the verse which says “The Light shines in the darkness and the darkness has not understood it.”
Here’s my new interpretation of that verse: “The light shines in us and we don’t understand it.”


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