Fighting Fears

I’ve been reading about some literary agents this evening and what kind of stories they’re looking for.  I’m intimidated, wondering whether I can measure up to other works which these agents have helped get published.  (One agent I was looking at represented a book called “The Strange Case of Origami Yoda” Can you imagine a more intriging title?  The reviews look pretty good too.)

One thing that all the agents say is very important in a middle grade or young adult story, is the narrative voice.  It’s hard to see my own narrative voice as very unique or interesting because it’s my voice.  I’ve always lived with it and thought with it, so how can it be interesting to me?  When you sing, the listeners hear your voice differently from how you hear yourself.  You know this for sure if you have ever listened to your own recorded voice coming from speakers instead of from your mouth.  I always thought I was a good singer until I heard myself recorded.  So how do I know if I have a good narrative voice?

I also afraid that my skin isn’t thick enough, that I’ll give in to discouragement with each rejection.  I think and hope that I’m determined enough to not let that slow me down (much?)  Oh, and if any other authors reading this know of some rule about not posting all your self-doubts and such on your blog, please let me know.  For now, I’m writing what’s on my mind.


About David A Justiss

a fantasy novelist.
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One Response to Fighting Fears

  1. Joel Justiss says:

    Writing what’s on your mind is very good. I’m sending an e-mail with other notes from a book that you may find encouraging.

    “So how do I know if I have a good narrative voice?” That doesn’t sound easy, but you might try asking someone to read your work aloud to you.

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