Story Soundtracks

I often associate certain songs with stories, with characters, events, places, or even just the tone of the story.  I’ve always done this, both with stories I’ve written and other stories.  Then I thought it’d be really cool (in daydream land) if I could include a soundtrack with my stories.

Obviously, this wouldn’t work so well if it actually happened.  Not only because of different people’s tastes in music, but because songs strike different people differently.  Someone else may get a completely different impression from a song than I do.

In any case, I’ve created a playlist on Youtube for a couple of my recent novels just for fun, and I’d thought I’d share them here for you:

Out From the Darkness, the first of my novels that I finished a second draft of, is about a girl who goes to rescue her friends from some evil fairies who like to give people nightmares.  The playlist for this includes music from both movies of the Legend of Sleepy Hollow story (did I mention my story has a headless horseman?), a famous operatic style song about another evil fairy (The Erlkonig or Erlking), a song from the Jim Henson movie Labrynth which my novel takes some influence from, and ends with the David Crowder Band song Shadows “When shadows fall on us, we will not fear, we will remember, …we’re resting in the shadow of the cross.”

My as-yet-untitled novel, which these days I refer to simply as the Ebbs novel because that’s the main characters’ last name, has a lot of parable-like thoughts about faith, death, and ressurrection, and facing questions about those things.  And it talks about these things in a way that is not specific to any religion.  In this novel, a little girl goes looking for her parents, and she doesn’t stop looking for them even after she finds out that they died in the war.  She finds a door which supposedly leads to the land of the dead and goes looking for the key.   Similarly, the playlist has songs in it about faith, death, and ressurrection.  The song “Lunar” is a great song about faith and doubt by a somewhat obscure band called Five O’Clock People, and my novel includes a direct reference to the song “Spoon” by Dave Matthews Band (although the reference may be removed or at least be made less direct when I write the second draft).  This playlist has three David Crowder Band songs and three Dave Matthews Band songs.  Both of those bands like to speak of faith and death in their lyrics (from very different viewpoints).

I have an earlier novel called “Choose Your Own Calamity.”  The playlist for this novel currently has only one song which I started the playlist just to add because there’s a scene in the novel where a baby who likes to eat bugs goes chasing after a spider and this song goes well with that scene…

A couple warnings about these playlists:  1) I have a very broad taste in music.  These playlists include music from David Crowder (a modern praise & worship band) to Creed (hard rock), and then there’s the Erlking song I mentioned.  2) Though there’s nothing inappropiate in the lyrics or the songs themselves (although of course it’s possible some may disagree with me on that), there is very likely to be inappropriate stuff in the comments under some of the videos, so you may want to avoid reading the comments.


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