In a post about two weeks ago, I mentioned that I’m looking at possible agents to query for my novel.  Using this guide to literary agents as my starting point, I’m feeling a bit overwhelmed.  I should probably consider it a good thing that there are so many because it means if one or a few agents turn me down, there are still plenty more out there.  It’s the amount of time that it looks like it’s going to take that’s making me wish (even moreso than usual) that I could live without a day job and could devote my time to reading, writing, and trying to get published.

Also, when I look at the description of what an agent is looking for, they often mention that a certain quality of writing is very important to them, a quality which I don’t know if my writing has or not.  In my other post, I mentioned someone was looking for a good narrative voice.  Today, I read about someone who considered ‘larger-than-life’ characters of utmost importance.  I’d heard the term ‘larger-than-life’ many times before, and kind of have an idea what it means, but not a very clear one.  So I looked it up. Wikipedia was not at all useful, but a link from there lead me here, which was only slightly more helpful. So I thought I might as well look it up in a dictionary. It turns out a dictionary definition is really not what I’m looking for because none of the definitions helped me to understand exactly what that agent was looking for when she said she wanted larger-than-life characters.


About David A Justiss

a fantasy novelist.
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