“If you could bring one fictional character to life for a day…”

In the WordPress ‘postaweek/postaday’ challenge they have going, they’re sending out suggestions for blogging topics so that those postaday people don’t run out of stuff to write about. I ignore most of them. The better ones I copy & paste into a file to look up if I want to blog but can’t think what to write about. Yesterday, I got one that’s especially relevant to me: “If you could bring one fictional character to life for a day, who would you choose?”

Now, ideally, it would be cool if I could bring the main character of my book to life because an agent was looking for stories with characters that ‘walk off the page’. yeah. Seriously, though, maybe if my main character walked off the page as I’m writing, I could interview her and write her character better so that she’ll ‘walk off the page’ for my readers as well. You might say it’d be just as productive to write about her bring interviewed to get the answers to help me write her character better, but that’d be more trouble and in a hypothetical situation there’s no reason not to do something the easier way…
(Yeah, I know it’s not really hypothetical when I can write about that interview to come up with the answers. Maybe I’ll do that.)

If it had to be a character from a story I didn’t write, the first one I think of (and I’m not good at thinking of things on demand if you know what I mean) would be Luna Lovegood from the Harry Potter series. It’d be fun to talk mythology and folk tales with someone like that. Not just because she believes the stories are real, but more because she takes them seriously (which is not the same thing at all).

PS: I have updated the list in my previous post with a few more books that I looked up the wordcounts of.


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