The Sacred Key

So I (finally) just finished the first draft of the novel I started this past July. For the past few months, it’s been sitting at a stage very close to the end while I’d been getting very little writing done.
This is the novel I’ve been calling the Ebbs novel up till now. Now I’m giving it the tentative title, “The Sacred Key.”

The first 50,000 words of the story were written for the novel-in-a-month challenge which my group does in July. In the middle of June, I had no idea what I was going to write about, but toward the end of that month I had a few interesting dreams which were the beginnings of this story. These are the two primary dreams the story is based on:

1) Isabel was at boarding school. She accidently finds the area with high fences and emergency trucks in case someone escapes. From there, she finds a way out. She walks down a road lined with trees and houses and realizes that she doesn’t remember her parents. Some other kids from the school follow her, and all of them go into a large building which turns out to be the plane of furniture, a huge maze of rooms filled with nothing but furniture. One of the kids remembers a magic signal to go to the plane of teleporation. They use that to escape from the plane of furniture. Isabel waits for the others to use the plane of teleportation to go back to school pretending she would follow them in a moment, but instead, she says ‘I want to go to my daddy’. She is taken to a barren field near the edge of a forest right in front of a large stone with a plaque which reads roughly ‘here is buried all those who died in the battle of –‘ She realizes her dad is dead. She walks through the field until she finds the end of a road where there are several soldiers in uniform. In a childlike way of thinking, Isabel thinks if her dad went to war, then her mother would have went with him. One of the soldiers is a woman, and Isabel runs up to her and thinks she is her mommy. The soldier says, ‘I’m not your mother.’ The soldiers ask Isabel some questions and find out that she escaped from the boarding school which is like a prison for children and they try to decide what to do with her.

2) The Museum of Ancient Artifacts is an ancient stone building which has survived intact through the centuries in the ruins of the city of the Cryptogians. Nowdays they lead tourist groups through it. The main room is a large stone room with a mini-labyrinth of shorter stone walls in the middle. The outer walls of the main room were about 40ft high, and very high on the wall, it’s top almost touching the ceiling, was the outline of a door. At the top of one of the walls of the mini-labrynth, written in the ancient cryptogian language, are the words, “Somewhere there is a key.” The key, which no one knows the location of, when put in the correct keyhole on that wall will make a magical staircase appear leading up to the door high on the outer walls of the room. All the Cryptogians believe that the door leads to the land of the dead, but there are several different theories on what would happen if the door was opened. In this dream, I had found the key. I made the magic staircase appear and climbed it. And then I was half-waking up and I already knew how this dream would fit with the first. Isabel wants to find her Daddy.

After the dreams, writing the 50000 words in a month was easier than ever before. The story formed in my head easily around those two dreams. The writing was slower after the month of July because I had to figure out some details between point X and point Y in my story. This often occurs when I plan what’s going to happen, but not how it’s going to happen.
Anyway, I have to admit the ending is slightly cheesy, but there was no other possible ending. I shouldn’t say any more for now…


About David A Justiss

a fantasy novelist.
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