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A Warning of Grave Importance

I’m writing to warn all of you about a dangerous and relentless trickster. His name is Nate Cookingham. You’ll recognise him by his nametag which says “Nate Cookingham”, unless, of course, if he is wearing his disguise. His most common … Continue reading

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Bragging about my Fantastic Imagination

In my critique group, I’ve gotten multiple comments on how I have a really good imagination. On that note, one of WordPress’s recent blogging topic suggestions was to talk about a time I was scared. I (usually) enjoy reading about … Continue reading

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Just stumbled on something

This is what I stumbled on. It’s a well-written excerpt of a short story on the website of the National Endowment for the Arts. I found it by doing a google search for “near-gallop” to make sure that was a … Continue reading

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Time in a bottle? Try time on tap (and running down the drain).

I was at community group this evening with my friends from church. I told them how it was hard for me to get myself to go to bed because when I go to bed I just have to get up … Continue reading

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