Time in a bottle? Try time on tap (and running down the drain).

I was at community group this evening with my friends from church. I told them how it was hard for me to get myself to go to bed because when I go to bed I just have to get up and go to work in the morning. While if I stay up, I have a little more time to myself. Somehow, the other logical and wise thought about needing sleep in order to be productive on my own time doesn’t come up.

Someone there said (something to the effect of), “Wow, you really hate your job, don’t you?” But that isn’t it. I honestly don’t hate my job. I would just much rather be doing the things that matter to me than spending my time at Dairy Queen. It’s frustrating that I have to spend anywhere from 30 to 38 hours per week working at DQ when there’s a bunch of other things which matter more to me and which take a lot of time, such as writing, reading, spending time with friends, etc.

At one point, I was thinking I’d have my Out From the Darkness manuscript ready to show agents by December 2010, but it’s taking a lot longer than that. I finished the first draft at the end of July 2009, and finished the second draft in September or October 2010, but it still needs work. I keep thinking hopefully I can finish it in the next few weeks.


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One Response to Time in a bottle? Try time on tap (and running down the drain).

  1. Someone should’ve told me this earlier. Okay, now I know (and should’ve known no one wants to read it.). No more blogging about frustrations and stuff, I promise.

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