Bragging about my Fantastic Imagination

In my critique group, I’ve gotten multiple comments on how I have a really good imagination.
On that note, one of WordPress’s recent blogging topic suggestions was to talk about a time I was scared. I (usually) enjoy reading about folk tales and mythology, so one day I heard about a relatively modern folk story and decided to look up more details on Wikipedia. This is one of the articles I read. Several times since, I’ve had a little trouble walking into my bathroom at night because I have to step past the mirror in the dark to get to the light switch. (I looked at a few webpages about that story that day. -It wasn’t just that article.)
Once upon another time, I was watching Youtube videos, and then suddenly a scream and out pops one of those scary faces. Startling, but totally stupid to be afraid of. I slept with the light on that night (…hating whoever would post something like that on Youtube).

These things said, I don’t want to make you think I have some serious problem with being afraid of things that aren’t there. I still do walk past my bathroom mirror to turn the light on and brush my teeth (as creepy as it seems sometimes…). The thing about courage is not not being afraid, it’s not letting your fear influence your actions. I know well enough that these are silly fears that they don’t affect my actions any more than occationally making it hard to fall asleep or (very rarely) sleeping with the light on. Hard to say I’m brave when these are fears that (I’m guessing) most people have no problem with, but I know how to deal with them.

I have to admit, my fears give me ideas for stories. I don’t regret reading about that ‘Bloody Mary’ story. It influenced my novel. That reminds me, when I was writing the first draft of Out From the Darkness, I watched a movie with a couple friends called “Hot Fuzz.” It’s a funny parody of a action, crime, and slasher movies with a lot of terribly fake gore. I slept with the light on after watching the movie. I wouldn’t say it was scary at all, it just triggered that part of my imagination that likes to scare me. Anyway, the movie served as an unlikely influence to my novel as well.
I think of it as doing something that God likes to do: taking everything I find and using it for good.


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3 Responses to Bragging about my Fantastic Imagination

  1. Alfred W. Bates says:

    Good article, David. I see you’re still using your imagination.

  2. jollof says:

    I can relate. My imagination goes into overdrive when it comes to scaring myself silly. You’re completely normal and it’s good to hear that you’re using it to perfect your craft. If you have the stomack for it you might want to check out a short scary fiction story I wrote back in 2009:

    Thanks for sharing.

  3. Hey jollof, I read your story. Good idea, but I can’t say it was scary enough to make me sleep with the lights on 🙂
    Do you have a critique parter or group? If you do much writing (which I’d guess you do with a glance at your blog), I highly recommend finding another writer to objectively critique your work. You can find a critique partner online here:

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