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Writing from Dreams

I wrote before about how my recent novel, The Sacred Key was heavily inspired by a couple dreams (which helped a lot in writing the first draft for the novel-in-a-month challenge). Dreams make for good inspiration for stories. In fact, … Continue reading

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Lighting Liramor

In my novel, Out from the Darkness, Liramor is a dark fairyland where the evil fairy kobolds like to give people nightmares and the dullahan, the lord of the headless horsemen, rides to kill every night. In the first draft … Continue reading

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A Few types of Fantasy Magic

I’ve read some fantasy books which really struck me as having a very different feel from other fantasy books. Like certain books which feel more like a comic book / action movie, and certain others which feel more like folk … Continue reading

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Branching out

I have decided to branch out with the topics of my blog. I’ll be writing about some of my favorite things, which, besides writing, include: – reading (Maybe I’ll do some book reviews) – music – weird random stuff like … Continue reading

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Overcomer (My Fantastic Imagination II)

I posted here about when I get silly fears because my imagination runs away with me. They’re fears like mirrors in the dark, fears which might as well be bogeymen. One time at my writer’s group, someone suggested that I … Continue reading

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