Branching out

I have decided to branch out with the topics of my blog. I’ll be writing about some of my favorite things, which, besides writing, include:
– reading (Maybe I’ll do some book reviews)
– music
– weird random stuff like the grave danger of chickens in a bag
– cheese. …and sub sandwiches, and a lot of food actually (I probably won’t write about food, but while I was listing my favorite things, I had to mention it).
Also, feel free to provoke me, ask me a question, give me ideas, etc.

I did do a post about hypothetically putting my novels to music, but other than that I hesitated to write about music on my blog. Partly because I’m into heavy metal, among other genres, and I write for a middle grade audience (4th-8th graders). And if I get anyone into the kind of music I like, anyone’s parents might not be happy with me. But then most of the metal I listen to is christian metal, so it’s all good, right?

It’s risky branching out and allowing myself to write about other interests, like music. I’m a little concerned I might go off on a antirant* about how much I love the new CD by Becoming the Archetype. I’ve had this dream of finding really hard heavy metal that is also really positive & happy in both its music and lyrics. Sadly, most metal isn’t very positive. But the new Becoming the Archetype CD is exactly what I was looking for. The CD is called “Celestial Completion” and there’s a lyrical theme throughout the CD on the ressurrection at the end of the world and the new heaven and the new earth talked about in Revelation 21-22, and they manage to make the music both heavy and happy. I must provide a link to sample the music. It’s totally awesome, amazing music.
see? My concern was justified.

*What do you call a positive/happy rant?


About David A Justiss

a fantasy novelist.
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