Silliness in My Veins

I mentioned in a comment that in my next post I was going to try to explain further how I write based on dream(s). I lied. That post will come, but this isn’t it. And now for something completely different.

I was thinking that I don’t think I could write stories for adults because I don’t think I’d be capable of writing in a style that feels like it’s for adults. I can’t resist a certain amount of silliness. If a story utterly lacks silliness it isn’t written by me. But then one of my favorite authors, Terry Pratchet, also seems to be unable to resist a certain about of silliness and most of his books are for adults, so I guess I could.

There’s a level of silliness that I’d often like to include in my stories, but I’m concerned that it wouldn’t be accepted by agents or publishers even for a middle grade audience. In my story, The Sacred Key, the characters visit the elemental plane of furniture and the elemental plane of video games and meet birdlike aliens with five eyes. I don’t think that should be too weird. In an older story, a pair of twins named Carl and Tim hop on one foot while it’s literally raining cats and dogs and later their friend Bart has his feet turn into talking hedgehogs*. I don’t plan on trying to publish that story anyway, but that’s a level of silliness I didn’t think would be acceptable by a lot of people …until I read a certain two books in the past week.

The first of the two books is “James and the Giant Peach” by Roald Dahl. That’s an older one that is (for some odd reason) considered a classic, so I figured that might be an exception. Then I read “A House Called Awful End” by Phillip Ardagh. I had never heard of it before it happened to catch my eye in the library. Here’s a quote, “Mad Uncle Jack said, ‘I despise closed carriages, so I shall be lashing myself to the roof along with our luggage’…’Drive on’ Mad Uncle Jack shouted…It was then that he must have remembered that they didn’t have a driver. Eddie could hear him unstrapping himself and clambering across the roof above his head to take up position on the driver’s chair.” The level of silliness in these published books and liberty taken with the voice of the narrator is very encouraging to someone like me who likes to write silly stories.

*That was the same story which had the incorrigible Nate Cookingham who I warned you about.


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