The Villain’s Spell

I had a dream a while back about a sorcerer who tried to cast an evil spell of apathy on a town. The really interesting thing about this dream is that is was a musical. The sorcerer cast a mind-controlling spell on a girl in the town, then he made that girl walk through the streets singing an evil song which would complete his spell over the whole town. The villain’s sidekick led the girl around the town as she sang. Meanwhile, the sorcerer himself sang the other part of the song in his tower hideout on the edge of town. I woke up with that song called, “No One Matters Now” going through my head. And (I’m nearly positive) it was an original song, not one I had heard somewhere else. I thought that was pretty cool, even though it was a slightly creepy song with evil lyrics, and would never have a context that worked unless I (or someone else) wrote the rest of the musical play as well. I may get around to attempting that some day…

In the dream, as the girl was walking through the town, she was snapped out of the mind control spell and stopped singing when she saw a family member (I think it was either her father, grandfather, an uncle, or older brother). Then she started singing a different song which went against the sorcerer’s spell, but I didn’t remember any of the second song after I woke up.

This dream story is referred to at the very beginning of The Sacred Key. I used it as the reason why my main character Emily gets sent to the corrupt boarding school which brainwashes the kids. The school advertises itself as a place where children are programmed to be ideal members of society despite things like behavior problems, past trauma, or having been under an evil spell. I’m pretty sure I’ll be taking out the reference to this dream story in the rewrite, but I’ll have to think of another reason for her to be sent to such a school.

Have you ever had a musical dream?


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3 Responses to The Villain’s Spell

  1. Pat Masi says:

    Hi David, I missed the retreat last week. Glad to see you still have the need to write like you need to breathe. I’ve never had a musical dream. I will ask for one. God uses my dreams to get my monkey mind to listen to the real me. I used to have “bad” dreams all the time – decades’ worth of them! Then I began to accept that there is no such thing as a bad dream – for me, each one is a channel of communication, a mental health necessity, and – sometimes – a delicious physical experience of something, perhaps feared unnecessarily, kept at arm’s length by my conscious mind…Best to you!

  2. That is pretty darn cool. I would love to come up with a song in my sleep!

  3. Stephen Alexander says:


    I saw an interview with the author John Banville on Charlie Rose the other night. He talked about dreams a little bit an how he has placed them in his books. He didn’t mention anything about musical dreams but I thought you might find it interesting. Here is a link to the interview.

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