A Clack Bat is the Luckiest Thing

So far, this month’s posts have been written beforehand and sceduled to post automatically each week. I did this to leave more time for writing on the novel-in-a-month challenge (because that was before deciding not to do it this month, so I’m just taking a couple weeks off writing blog posts).

I was thinking now and then I’d share one of my old poems here. Here’a a really weird one that’s one of my favorites:

A Clack Bat is the Luckiest Thing (written 2/24/02)

They say that lad, Buck brings misfortune
friends’ portion of good times he blurned teak
That lad, Buck the Blurred
just loved everyone’s thunder
with every adder you walked lunder
This lad, Buck, his bitten karrow
came when he did swallow
line knives from the bureau

And I always will wonder
that he should die with the lead
looked on by a mull foon
and that night I saw a clack bat blurn too

What do you think (besides wondering what mushrooms I was tasting)?
Can you make head or tails of it?


About David A Justiss

a fantasy novelist.
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