The Troublesome Subplot Dilemma

I’m trying to get back to writing and blogging after taking almost a month off (the previous three blog posts were written before that time and sceduled to post automatically). Besides a week out of town, a lot of the meantime was spent looking for a good used car to buy. I didn’t think it would take that long, but I finally bought a car a couple days ago after my last car was totalled a month ago. I had planned to spend July rewriting The Sacred Key, but I’ve made very little progress so far.

One thing that’s making it hard to get back into the rewrite of The Sacred Key is a dilemma concerning a subplot. I was considering removing the whole subplot, but that would create several other problems and I’d have to figure out where to start with two of my main characters. Then I wondered if the only reason I was considering removing it was because of wordcount. I don’t want to worry too much about wordcount, but at the same time I want to be able to convince an agent that this is a book worth publishing, and first the agent would have to be willing to take the time to read it.

Next, I asked myself ‘is the subplot essential?’ If it’s non-essential, it probably should be removed, otherwise it should be kept. When I was first considering removing it I thought it was non-essential, but seeing how much problems removing it would make, I’m not so sure. How do I tell whether it’s essential?

Now I wonder if I’m just being reluctant to go through the trouble of solving those problems to remove it. The excitement of the rewrite I had before isn’t so strong anymore and I haven’t gotten much done yet.


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One Response to The Troublesome Subplot Dilemma

  1. Only you can really decide. It may present issues, but I’m sure you could figure a way around them. If your instincts were to question it, that probably means something.

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