More Thoughts About Lucky Black Cats

A black cat crossed my path but I was facing another direction at the moment so it was arguable whether the path the black cat crossed was currently mine or not.  Ah, technicalities…  If a black cat crosses a path around the corner from where I am walking and I don’t see it, but I then turn the corner and go down the path which the black cat crossed, is it still bad luck?

…These thoughts came as I was walking my black dog after dark and I saw a black cat (although it did not actually cross my path).  My dog, of course, tried to chase it but couldn’t get further than the length of the leash, but it’s a long leash so that was long enough to make the cat run away.

Later, I decided to look up black cat legends on the internet.  Every once in awhile I do something like this, ending up going from page to page, usually on wikipedia, and usually on some topic of folklore (I mentioned another such time in this old post). My search started with cat legends and folktales to black dog legends. Then I somehow ended up reading about dopplegangers, nightmare goblins, and sleep paralysis.

Anyone else get these research whims? (Probably on some other topic, I tend towards folklore because it’s something I’ve always been interested in and it’s fun to read about.)

PS: I have a guest post on my Christian Writer’s Group blog.


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2 Responses to More Thoughts About Lucky Black Cats

  1. I love doing research like that, especially on myths and folklore. I’ve had book ideas from doing just that, and you never know what will spark the interest or where it will lead. Kind of fun. 😀

  2. Wikipedia is a whole lot cheaper than this folk tale resource that I’d like to read someday:
    ($32.47 for a used paperback, why don’t they do a reprint?)

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