Popular things which have no appeal for me (and vice versa)

(I was thinking about posting this as a facebook note since it isn’t all that relevant to my blog, but I haven’t posted here in awhile. Maybe I could still have a chance at that ‘postaweek’ goal. [shrug])

Coffee: All my friends seems to like it. Even those who don’t drink it like the smell. I happen to think it both smells and tastes gross.

Getting drunk: Yeah, puking until you pass out sounds like a lot of fun. Then once you build up a resistance and can get drunk without puking, you do stupid things you don’t even remember afterwards.

Tatoos: A lot of money and pain to have a picture permanently stuck on your body. This one I really don’t understand…

TV: I don’t want to waste my time watching a story and tainting my imagination when I could be reading a story and building up my imagination.

No offense to those who do enjoy these things…
Now a couple things that I really like which aren’t very popular:

Roguelike games: A strain of computer games which tend to date back to the 80s and have ASCII graphics. In case you don’t know, ASCII graphics aren’t really graphics at all. They’re just the characters you can make with any normal keyboard arranged into pictures or symbols.

Christian Heavy Metal: Of course heavy metal has a reputation for being ‘of the devil’, but in the words of Larry Norman, “Why Should the Devil Have all the good Music?” Fortunately, this seems to be gaining popularity these days.


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a fantasy novelist.
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