a few assorted uncertainties

Often a phrase or a fragment of a song will go through my head, and I am unsure whether it is a song I have heard before or if it is a song that wants me to write it. I fear if it is the latter, that even if I put the words on paper, no one will ever hear it or care to play the music.

Often in a moment of decision, there is a weight of importance. And I wonder is the choice I face really vital or is the weight an illusion?
Either way, I am too often indecisive, and I wish I wasn’t. (My current story I’m writing happens to be about someone who is also indecisive.)

And another little struggle:
I am not ashamed to be a follower of Jesus, but I wonder sometimes how appropriate it is to discuss my faith on this blog. Sometimes it seems hard to express a feeling without being explicit about my faith. At the same time, I don’t think the audience which seeks to hear about God and Jesus is the audience I’m looking for.

On a similar note, I am not entirely clear about who the audience for my blog is or should be. I’ve heard that writers should write their blog to the same audience that their books are written for, that we’re supposed to use a blog to gain readers. I have my doubts that that would be effective for me, mainly because my blog averages 1 view per day according to WordPress. I don’t have much of any audience at the moment.

In any case- hello there, audience (whoever and however few of you there may be). I’m grateful to all of you who visit this site and I’m grateful for any comments you post here. I do hope whoever visits here gets something beneficial out of it.


About David A Justiss

a fantasy novelist.
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2 Responses to a few assorted uncertainties

  1. I try to be myself on my blog. I figure my voice will come through. I know that it’s not teens, but other writers who mainly read it, so I focus on things that I thought helped me. The thing I like about blogging is connecting with others who are going through the same things.

    • Yes. I cannot be anything other than myself. There’s a lot of blogging advice I’ve read with all the ‘do this’, ‘don’t do this’, ‘don’t say this kind of thing’, amd I guess it just confuses me.
      Did you choose the subject of your blog by who reads it, or did you get the audience you have because of the subject of your blog? (which came first) I think when you say it’s other writers who mainly read your blog, it’s because you focus on things that have helped you.

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