Day Shall Come Again!

So there’s this game called Angband which I went into the code and made my own variant of.  This game is (extremely loosely) based on monsters, characters, & other aspects from Tolkien’s Silmarillion.  And I noticed one of the artifacts in this game had a pretty cool description:

“Wielded by Hurin Thalion, last lord of Dor-Lomin at the Battle of Tears Unnumbered. He stood alone, his friends and kinsmen dead about him, his axe smoking in the black blood of Gothmog’s troll-guard. No less than seventy times, as he slew his foes, did he utter his mighty war-cry: ‘Aure entuluva!’ – ‘Day shall come again!'”

I can’t think of what else to add here, I think the quote from the artifact description speaks for itself.

And here’s the soundtrack for this post (heavy metal warning for those who aren’t into metal.)


About David A Justiss

a fantasy novelist
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