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The Four Carpet People of the Pop Eclipse

The following is an excerpt from a very silly story I wrote for July NaNoWriMo over ten years ago which I felt like posting because it has something vaguely to do with the eclipse. (This is from the same story … Continue reading

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The Key of Dirt (part 2)

don’t listen to it all my fear, fury, and pain made audible yes, you’ll want to cover your ears You don’t want to hear this it’ll be reddish brown soundvenom that enters through your eardrums and oozes inside your head … Continue reading

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Popular things which have no appeal for me (and vice versa)

(I was thinking about posting this as a facebook note since it isn’t all that relevant to my blog, but I haven’t posted here in awhile. Maybe I could still have a chance at that ‘postaweek’ goal. [shrug]) Coffee: All … Continue reading

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I don’t feel like blogging today

I signed up for WordPress’ post-a-week challenge at the beginning of the year.  My last post was about 10 days ago and I really don’t feel like blogging.  I’ve been in a crummy mood all week and I don’t have … Continue reading

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