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The Four Carpet People of the Pop Eclipse

The following is an excerpt from a very silly story I wrote for July NaNoWriMo over ten years ago which I felt like posting because it has something vaguely to do with the eclipse. (This is from the same story … Continue reading

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Silliness in My Veins

I mentioned in a comment that in my next post I was going to try to explain further how I write based on dream(s). I lied. That post will come, but this isn’t it. And now for something completely different. … Continue reading

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Branching out

I have decided to branch out with the topics of my blog. I’ll be writing about some of my favorite things, which, besides writing, include: – reading (Maybe I’ll do some book reviews) – music – weird random stuff like … Continue reading

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A Warning of Grave Importance

I’m writing to warn all of you about a dangerous and relentless trickster. His name is Nate Cookingham. You’ll recognise him by his nametag which says “Nate Cookingham”, unless, of course, if he is wearing his disguise. His most common … Continue reading

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