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Can’t Buy Me Time

So now that I’ve finished NaNoWriMo, I’m preparing for Christmas. I’m the kind of guy who doesn’t pay a lot of attention to holidays in general. I get my Christmas shopping done online in less than an hour and don’t … Continue reading

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Oh the horror

I finally got around to updating my NaNoWriMo2011 badge to show that I’m a winner instead of just a participant. You’d think I’d be eager to show it off. NaNoWriMo gives new meaning to “The Nightmare Before Christmas”. Than again, … Continue reading

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a few assorted uncertainties

Often a phrase or a fragment of a song will go through my head, and I am unsure whether it is a song I have heard before or if it is a song that wants me to write it. I … Continue reading

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Popular things which have no appeal for me (and vice versa)

(I was thinking about posting this as a facebook note since it isn’t all that relevant to my blog, but I haven’t posted here in awhile. Maybe I could still have a chance at that ‘postaweek’ goal. [shrug]) Coffee: All … Continue reading

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Why Haven’t I Been Blogging

I had fully intended on blogging at least once a week this year (and after). I had also fully intended on getting one story ready to send & sent to agents, and do a full rewrite of my other story. … Continue reading

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Learning To Read Like a Writer

(This post began as a comment on this post, but ended up long enough to be a post of its own.) Writers talk about reading like a writer, analyzing the work of others for plot structure and character development, etc, … Continue reading

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More Thoughts About Lucky Black Cats

A black cat crossed my path but I was facing another direction at the moment so it was arguable whether the path the black cat crossed was currently mine or not.  Ah, technicalities…  If a black cat crosses a path … Continue reading

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